November 7, 2006

Hey guys, I’m moving to a new domain.  We’re in the process of redesigning the site (it looks the same right now) but look out for the latest updates (finishing extreme asian cinema) at

Thanks for reading and please visit the new site!


So this has nothing to do with movies or the ongoing Extreme Asian Cinema series, but it looks like Jack’s back, thus warranting a quick update.

Check it out!

Starting again in January…

Back to School Blues

September 20, 2006

So here I am, back at school. I haven’t had much time to update lately, but I will promptly get back into it. Damn you school, damn you.

I saw another one today, this time while coming back from the library. I think they fly into powerlines or something. Yet again, it scared the living daylights out of me.

*Popquiz*: Which actor played James Bond in “The Living Daylights”?

Living Daylights

Totally unrelated to movies:

Today while walking to work, I saw a dead bird on the ground. It scared the bejesus out of me.