November 7, 2006

Hey guys, I’m moving to a new domain.  We’re in the process of redesigning the site (it looks the same right now) but look out for the latest updates (finishing extreme asian cinema) at

Thanks for reading and please visit the new site!


Welcome! Welcome!

July 13, 2006

“Hey, you guys!” – Sloth from The Goonies

Welcome to “Popcorn, Soda, and Goobers”! As you may have guessed from the title, this blog is going to focus on movies and film. You’re probably thinking, “it’s just another website about movies.” Well maybe you’re right, but I remember learning somewhere that the diversity of opinion is valuable and also that the internet is where “people can come together to bitch about movies.” [Holden from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back] Here you’ll find my two cents (rants, raves, reviews, and humble opinions) about all things cinemagic. Since I tend to watch more movies per week over the summer, I’ll be doing more reviews in the coming months. I’m going to start out with reviewing the flicks I saw so far this summer. This means I’m going to be doing a bit of catch up since a lot of the summer’s blockbusters have already graced (or defiled) the screen and passed on. BUT before the reviews, we need a system. Perhaps two thumbs up? Four stars, five stars? Ten stars or ABCs? For now, I’m going to go with the five system since that’s how Netflix forces me to rate. Anyhow, it goes a little bit like this:

5 – This movie is now a favorite among favorites. A must see if your taste crosses mine.

4 – A very fine flick. I’m willing to watch this film over again and probably would like to watch it again. These movies aspire to be my favorites, though I’m unsure if I can let them in to that club.

3 – The majority of the bunch – harmless movies that fall into the “pretty good, enjoyable, ok” range. I don’t really have any strong interest in seeing these movies multiple times though I probably could handle it given the situation.

2 – Not so good. You’re a movie I don’t like.

1 – Get off my blog.

I will also use increments of .5 to fine-tune my rating system and maybe even smaller fractions if I’m really flustered over a flick.

Welcome again, and please feel free to leave comments, questions, hatemail (don’t), your own reviews or suggestions, etc. If you want to contact me, please email