Back to School Blues

September 20, 2006

So here I am, back at school. I haven’t had much time to update lately, but I will promptly get back into it. Damn you school, damn you.


The Shyamalama Exposed

July 21, 2006


In honor of the release of “Lady in the Water,” M. Night’s newest creation, I have decided to spill my humble opinions of this acclaimed director. His works are loved by many and also.. not so loved by many others. Of his films that I have seen (6th Sense, Unbreakable, The Village), I’m going to say that “6th Sense” was quite excellent and original way back then. However, the Shyamalama has taken this excellent first work and reworked its framework into making more mundane and less convincing films. People are eating up these “hero’s tale thrown in with a surprise ending” films. But not me.

Although I have heard “Lady in the Water” does NOT have the usual M. Night touch with the whole surprise ending shabang, I haven’t read many good things about it either. Now, before you yell and shout, “I’m a Shyamalan fan, and his films are all original,” let me convince you otherwise. Check out this 6th Sense and Unbreakable comparison:

First things first:

  • Both movies have Bruce Willis in them
  • Both movies have a little white boy actor
  • Both movies have a surprise ending

Looking deeper:

  • Both films create the setup: a main problem. ie. A little boy seeing dead people or Bruce Willis having superhero-like characteristics
  • Both films has a helper character, one who assists the character struggling with the problem. ie. Bruce Willis helps Haley Joel Osmont. Sam Jackson helps Bruce Willis
  • A character or hero, has a revelation/point of acknowledging his problem
  • Both films has a character or hero complete a trial – Little boy listens to and helps dead people, Bruce Willis saves the family from the bad dude
  • Both films has the surprise ending involving the other “helper” character, CATCHING YOU OFF GUARD

This analysis can also be applied to “The Village” loosely. The Shyamalama mixed things up a bit further since it was his 4th film. However, major elements still exist. Bryce Dallas Howard’s journey at the end of the film is the “hero’s trial,” and this time there is not one, but TWO surprises! The major final surprise involves the village elders (Wiliam Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, etc.) who I guess act as “helper characters” in the film.

In conclusion, “The 6th Sense” was cool the first time around.

What the hobo balls?

July 19, 2006

While walking home from the theater on friday after having seen “A Scanner Darkly,” I passed a very public bum sitting in the streets of Bethesda. I know Bethesda is a nice wealthy town and all, but upon seeing the Bethesda bum sitting under a sign watching a movie on a PORTABLE DVD PLAYER, I was asking myself, “What the hobo balls is going on?” Alas, I do not have a cell phone camera to show you the aberration. Bethesda bums. Damn.