A spellbinding pleasure for the eyes, imagination, but not the bladder.

October 24, 2006

The Prestige (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0482571/)


Does Christopher Nolan know how to disappoint? I think not. With Memento, Insomnia, and Batman Begins under his belt, it seems that his films consistently entertain and engage. “The Prestige” follows suit, providing a story about two magician friends who later become dangerous rivals. The entire cast is great (think Batman Begins with wolverine and the girl with the pearl earring – throw in a “coyote ugly” girl and uh… David Bowie), and the movie is filled with stunning visuals.

Nolan never really liked telling stories from the beginning, and in “The Prestige” he starts from the end and then jumps around in a non-chronological yet non-confusing fashion. The movie’s mysteries are slowly revealed, and Nolan plays many tricks on the audience. Expect to be stunned a few times. Sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, disappearing rabbits – what have you – nothing is what it seems, and Nolan asks you from the start “are you watching closely?”

The film takes off and moves, keeping you engaged for its duration. However, the movie does feel long at times. Perhaps it is the Victorian setting that slows time down a bit, but the movie’s length is noticeable in the way that the Lord of the Rings feels long. The movie probably could have been shorter, but it works the way it is. Just make sure you don’t drink that entire coke during the first half.

How does this film compare to the summer’s “The Illusionist?” I thought “The Prestige” was less dull and more fun in spite of its longer running time. “The Illusionist” was nice, but defintitely forgettable, and all of the praise it has received seems pretty unwarranted in my opinion. “The Prestige” is another hit by Christopher Nolan; maybe it isn’t as memorable as Batman or Memento, but it provides a satisfying, intelligent and entertaining show.

3.5 – 4 magic hats out of a bunch of 5 sprawled all over the ground


3 Responses to “A spellbinding pleasure for the eyes, imagination, but not the bladder.”

  1. I’ve been dying to see this!!!! *grinnod* We haven’t been to the movies since seeing Grudge 2 (which is fab, btw!)…after reading your review, it looks like I’ll be freeing up some time to catch this while it’s still in the theater.

    The only issue I have is that I absolutely cannot look at Christian Bale without seeing his character from “American Psycho.” *grinchuckle*


  2. Thanks very much for the link, too, btw!! *hugegrin* I appreciate it!!

    Right back atcha!

  3. arrtee121 Says:

    Yeah, Christian Bale was pretty creepy in American Psycho. He’s really excellent in most of his roles.

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