Nascar racing never was much fun

August 22, 2006

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (


Will Ferrell is an acquired taste for sure. Some people love him, others can’t stand him. Usually I fall into league with the former; his roles in Zoolander, Wedding Crashers, and Anchorman have made me laugh till it hurts. His ridiculousness is equivalent to hilarity, and I love it. Except this time.

Talladega Nights, the un-funny Will Ferrell flick, is WAY too long, clocking in at almost two full hours. This is not to say that the movie didn’t have its moments, but I expect more riotous jokes from the man who said “San Diego, it’s german for a whale’s vagina.” Maybe the humor was lost on me since I don’t really watch Nascar, but still it’s a sad day when Will Ferrell isn’t funny at all. While the entire cast was quite capable, the ENTIRE movie was not THAT funny. It was frequently slow and filled with half laughs. If it had not been for the gay frenchman Formula One driver, Talladega Nights would not really have a single memorable moment. Thanks to Da Ali G, Sacha Baron Cohen, the show went on.

But like I said earlier, it went on too long. Ricky Bobby’s character loves to “go fast,” but the movie certainly did not follow his lead. The movie also tries to be sweet at times and comes off boring. His female “love interest” almost had no role in this film. Talladega Nights certainly is no “Anchorman,” and I hope Will Ferrell returns to Ron Burgundy while leaving the Nascar act in the dust.

2.5 knives in Will Ferrell’s thigh out of 5

Next time: Magic tricks!


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