Bad Boys 3, a little more serious where Colin Farrell is the only joke

August 4, 2006

Miami Vice (

Miami Vice

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Oh the delights of Jerry Bruckheimer production and Michael Bay’s action buddy comedy of two miami cops destroying the city while trying to unravel massive webs of drug trafficking from Cuba. Unfortunately, Miami Vice does not provide us the same buddy cop fun flick, but instead becomes a broodingly slow though visually stunning undercover cop movie. The whole movie deals with Miami PD Sonny (Colin Farrell) and his partner Ricardo (Jamie Foxx). Their lives get mixed up with drug trade as they go undercover as middle men transporters. Colin Farrell’s character flirts it up with a smokin’ Isabella (Gong Li), the wife/female object/business partner of drug lord Jesus Montoya. Quickly, the intrigue and tension build up and boil to a predictable finale.

Stylistically, Miami Vice is great. Visually pleasing for the two and a half hours, the movie has a cool gritty look due to the use of HD video instead of traditional filming. Please read A.O. Scott’s review of the film here; I think it describes the movie pretty well.

As pretty a face Miami Vice has, the movie was a little dull to me. I felt it focused mostly on Sonny, and I was tired of watching Colin Farrell with his ridiculous mustache and long hair. Also, there isn’t THAT much action. The movie mostly focuses on Sonny and Ricardo’s undercover work, and I’d say that the guns blaze only at the end of the film. While not a bad movie, I didn’t find Miami Vice to be particularly enjoyable either. I think this may be because it’s the summer, and I’m looking for a quicker pace and less brains. You know, a fun dumb flick. With film though, the really pretty ones like Miami Vice (“Operatic” – A.O. Scott), are sometimes a little less fun and a little more intelligent. It’s long, it’s visually stunning, it’s not for the summer movie player. Make sure you’re in the mood to see it.

3 locks of Farrell’s long hair out of 5

Next time: Fast cars and a sinking ship


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