Suri’s daddy saves the world, one impossible mission after another

July 25, 2006

Mission: Impossible III (


I wonder why Tom Cruise went coco for cocoa puffs. Over the years (at least the ones that I’ve seen), he’s made a decent action star out of himself. He’s not a tall guy, in fact pretty short and compact for an action star, BUT the audience loves to watch this man run. I liked Minority Report, War of the Worlds, and the Mission: Impossible movies; I like to watch Tom run, too. And in M:I 3, Tom satisfies our hunger for seeing him dash about.

Now a few words on JJ Abrams: This man is the creator of two hit TV shows, one of which I am a fan and the other I intend on beginning soon. It is clear that M:I 3 is derivative of Abrams’ “ALIAS,” and the entire movie feels very much like an extended “ALIAS” episode. The movie moves at a good pace, and the opening scene builds a lot of tension and suspense that you await to see resolved in the final act. M:I 3 has the flashiness and comradery of ALIAS and is very watchable.

So why didn’t I really like M:I 3? I think the movie started to run out of steam as it neared the end. Sure JJ Abrams is a veteran of television, but with a 2 hour time slot there is only so much you can do to keep our attention. In Shanghai, we don’t actually see the rabbit foot heist; although I felt gypped out of some excitement, this didn’t bother me TOO much. What bothered me most was seeing an anticlimactic Tom Cruise vs Philip Seymour Hoffman match-up. Davian was a complete bad ass villain, and the end of the film kind of wraps things up a bit too quickly and nicely for me. Way too nicely – in fact, I would say that Ethan Hunt does little to save the day in the end.

Now I liked this movie for the most part, but the ending rubbed me the wrong way. I hate it when that happens. So you’re probably wondering, “is it at the least better than the second M:I film?” I don’t know, because it’s hard to compare the two. Every M:I movie has had a different director and a different style, and I think that drawing comparisons between them is a bit useless. While DePalma’s is probably the best conceived “spy thriller action espionage” movie of the tri-bunch, John Woo has his distinctive HK thing going on, and the action in M:I 2 is top notch.

If M:I 3 is in a second run theater nearby, its worth a few dollars to see. The movie is decent and works for the most part. Since it’s not likely to be in theaters anymore, just wait for it to get to the video store – but there’s no rush.

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One Response to “Suri’s daddy saves the world, one impossible mission after another”

  1. Meh. I’m waiting for the rental on this one.

    Tom Cruise is completely insane,

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